Richard MacDonald
richard macdonald

Richard MacDonald is an internationally acclaimed self taught sculptor who has compiled three decades worth of drawings, paintings and sculptures that celebrate the full range of human emotions and figurative movement. MacDonald has been awarded major commissions and numerous awards. In Architectonica, proposed in 1987 for MGM's corporate headquarters, Macdonald developed a design incorporating mythical Greek figures emerging from a bas- to a full relief in spiraling 18 foot sculpture. In 1990, he honored  State of Alaska founder William Henry Seward with a bronze likeness for the new Z.J  Loussac Public Library in Anchorage and also designed the surrounding Plaza.  MacDonald  received worldwide critical acclaim in 1996 for  The Flair.  The Flair created in tribute to the 1996 Olympic Games , the 26 foot , 3 ton bronze monument was donated by MacDonald   to the City of Atlanta and State of Georgia . Gracing Georgia International Plaza , The Flair  stands as a testament to the determination and dedication of all individuals in the pursuit of excellence.  More recently, MacDonald completed a monument to commemorate the 100th U.S Open Championship. The Heroic sculpture celebrates the triumph of the human spirit as it pays tribute to the greatest athletes of this century. The image represents the anatomy of the Golf swing and the dawn of the new Millennium as it encircles centuries of excellence past, present and future.  The monument presides permanently at Pebble Beach , California .

MacDonald's long association with 'Cirque du Soleil' resulted in a gallery partnership at the 'Bellagio' in Las Vegas, that will strengthen not only his reputation as a modern master, but also the desirability - and price - of his sculpture. His "Three Graces" sculpture - a forty foot column - has been chosen to be the center piece of The World Expo 2010 sculpture park in Shanghai, China - the only 'Westerner' to be invited to exhibit.

When you browse through our Richard MacDonald gallery , you'll be immediately struck by MacDonald's fascination with the human figure in motion.  His fascination with the human figure and human emotions has let MacDonald to focus on sculpting figures of mimes, dancers , athletes each of which conveys a sense of joy  and pays tribute to the beauty of the human form. His sculptures capture the kinetic potential of the human figure in all its forms. MacDonald has achieved International distinction for his sculptures, paintings and drawings and is the recipient of many national and International awards.

One piece that epitomizes MacDonald's fondness for suspended human animation is " The Gymnast ." This piece is a rendition of his 1996 work "The Flair," a 26 foot sculpture that was created for the Olympic Games in Atlanta . " The Gymnast " is an illustration - a moment caught in time - of a difficult move known as " The Flair ." This move requires careful contortion, balance and sustained strength.

Our Richard MacDonald sculpture collection features some of the artist's finest works to date. MacDonald is one of the most collected figurative bronze sculptors of this era. His works are highly sought after, and they make excellent investments for the future.


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